I love to help others do what I do.

Meet Ros

Writing is my passion. As a young girl, being a serious introvert, I would spend a lot of time curled up with a pen and paper (no… not a laptop) writing poetry. I thought it was the coolest thing to put words together that made sense and would also rhyme. (That’s when I was really young and thought that poetry had to rhyme. Who knew?)

Back then, becoming an author was not a thought that ever crossed my mind. It wasn’t even part of my dream. It wouldn’t be until decades later, when computers, the internet, Amazon, and the like would make it possible for ordinary people like me to publish their own books. I took a bunch of courses and still couldn’t find everything I needed. So, with some trial, error, and real research, I figured it out

After discovering that it wasn’t difficult at all, I got this burning desire, almost an urgency to shout out to everybody who wanted to write and publish their book that it really could be done. That’s what started my journey. I held a few workshops, taught a few classes, and almost by accident, found myself right in the middle of something that filled my cup. I found my purpose.

Since that first workshop many, many moons ago, I’ve spent my time helping people with all different aspects of writing, publishing, and branding. Now, I’ve created something that allows me to serve in a bigger way, while I’m living my dream, fulfilling my purpose, and helping others fulfill theirs.

Meet Ros Green
My Commitment

Help as many people as humanly possible to become self-published authors.

“Life is too short to waste time. When you know that there’s something you have to do, you find peace only when you do it.”

My Vision
My Mission
I Keep It Simple.

I'm happiest when I'm helping YOU reach your goal of publishing your first book.

It's about passion, purpose, and calling. When I'm helping you reach your goal, I'm fully aligned and it brings me a whole lot of "happy feels."
Knowing "them" is what works.

It's not just about the book.

Know who they are.
Know what they need.
Know how you can help.
Know how you identify.
Know your message.
Know your expertise.
Build your tribe.
Nurture your tribe.
Do it all stress free.
Fulfilling the purpose

My life flow is simple

Rosalind Louise Green Speaking
I Speak
Online marketing officer
I Play
Online marketing officer
Rosalind Louise Green Writes
I Write
Online marketing officer
Rosalind Louise Green Teaching
I Teach
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