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3 Steps to Becoming a Successful Author I'd love to help you get started. Check out the simple steps from staring at a blank page to becoming a published author. Get my tips below and get started today.

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Someone Desperately Needs to Read What You Have to Say

You don’t have to be rich and famous to become a published author. Today, it’s so easy to write and publish a book, even if you simply want to leave a written legacy for your family. So much important information is lost forever because nobody thought to write it down. Your purpose needs to be unleashed.


After you've left your platform, don't leave your audience without an opportunity for more. Keep the momentum fresh.


Whether you have a product or a service, people will be more willing to work with you when they can see that you know your stuff.


In this day and age, you must stand out. Give your potential clients that something "extra" that helps them to see what to expect.

Team Leader

Whether it's busines, ministry, or a network marketing team, people want to know like and trust you before they'll follow..

You can't match that feeling you get once you reach your goal.

Knowing the right steps to take is what makes all the differece in finishing your book.

We’ve all experienced what it’s like to work for people who don’t understand our drive. You’ve secretly wanted to do your own thing. You also realize that while doing your thing, you have to sustain your livelihood. What if you could do what you love and earn enough to pay pay the bills, save, invest, and have some fun, all while helping others? It’s possible.

Your dream should not remain a dream forever.

It's finally time. Let's turn your dreams into your new reality.

Your age doesn’t matter. Your level of education doesn’t matter. Whether you have licenses, certifications, diplomas or not… none of that matters. What does matter is that you have a dream that you want to fulfill. All you need is a willingness and a desire to learn what you don’t know, so those dreams can finally become your new reality.

So, what goes into becoming a SUCCESSFUL author?

Write Your Book

Write & Publish

First things first. You have to write your book. It’s one thing to think about it and another to actually produce a completed work. So, start at the beginning and write, then publish your book.

Launch Your Book
step 2

Launch & Market

Now that you’ve written your book and it’s ready for your audience, you have to make them aware that it exists. A book-launch is important if you want more people to read it than your family.

Brand and Expand

Brand & Expand

This section isn’t for everybody. It’s for those who have a vision that goes beyond your inner circle. You must create a brand around YOU and your book that walks you straight into your purpose.

Become a Successful Published Author

How my team and I can help you...

If you’ve been stuck on how to actually get your book written and ready for publishing, we have a step-by-step system that can help you get the words ready for printing andn publishing.

Once your book is written, we will walk you through the process of getting everything set up to sell on Amazon, a several other popular venues. You’ll have everything from book formatting to book cover designed specifically for Amazon.

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll go through a book-launching process that will get your book off to a great start. Get real sales and real people excited about purchasing your book.

Duis mollis est non commodo

Our Approach to Successful Authorship

My philosophy is that is that you become successful when your desired outcome has been realized. If completing a memoir for your family is what you want, you’re successful when it’s in the hands of your family members. If building a business around your topic is your desire, success happens when you start cashing checks at the level that you desire.

Ongoing Support

“Follow the proven path that takes you from a blank page to a successful published author.”

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